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Trailer Servicing Costs July 2016 
Single axle un-braked trailer: £45.00 + parts + VAT
Twin axle  un-braked trailer:£65.00 + parts + VAT
Single axle braked trailer: £90.00 + parts + VAT
Twin axle braked trailer:£156.00 + parts + VAT
Triple axle braked trailer:£195.00 + parts + VAT
Equitrek Triple axle braked trailer:£234.00 + parts + VAT


Full Servicing Procedure

  • Jack up and make safe with axle stands, all wheels must be off the ground including the jockey wheel.
  • Remove all road wheels and check condition and pressure of tyres and wheel rims including spare (adjust if necessary)
  • Remove hubs, strip out seals and bearings and check condition.
  • Check brake shoes and drums for damage and clean. Check auto reverse mechanism.
  • Check wheel studs, re-grease and re-assemble bearings and hubs. (if necessary)
  • Check bowden cables / rod mechanisms.
  • Check axle cable anchor points.
  • Check all clevis pins etc. for wear and missing split pins and replace if necessary.
  • Re-adjust brakes and cables as required to correct tolerances and operation, compensator should run parallel to axle line.
  • Check handbrake action.
  • Check coupling and fixing bolts.
  • Check condition of coupling head to towball fitting.
  • Check draw bar bushes for wear (lift in draw tube shaft). Grease if necessary.
  • Check rubber bellows for splits etc.
  • Check overrun damper action
  • Check breakaway cable for fraying / kinks.
  • Check axle mounting brackets and fixing bolts.
  • Check jockey wheel for winding action, tyre and wheel condition.
  • Inspect jockey wheel shaft for indentation by the clamp handle.
  • Lubricate all moving jockey wheel parts and threads.
  • Replace jockey wheel assembly ensuring clamp pad is in place (if fitted)
  • Check operation of all lights.
  • Check condition and security of wiring and plug.
  • Check suspension units, rubber coil and leaf springs for damage etc.
  • Check that all bodywork fasteners are secure and firmly fitted.
  • Check security and condition of mud guards and mountings etc.
  • Check operation of corner jacks or props.

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